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pay later with our exclusive biometric crypto credit card

spend anywhere,
any cryptocurrency any payment card

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spend anywhere,
any cryptocurrency any payment card

XCard Biometric Credit Card
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Xcard Wallet

Most secure wallet & biometric credit card

Your funds are segregated in a multi-signature cold-storage wallet to ensure that you’re the only one with access to your money

Our biometric credit card made together with VISA requires verification with your fingerprints before using it. The card is available for new users instantly in the form of a virtual card after signing up to XCARD Wallet.

Xcard Biometric Card
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Xcard Wallet Image
Xcard Wallet Image

Multi Asset Wallet

XCARD Wallet supports large amount of financial assets & services including

  • 150 FIAT Currencies
  • Top 30 cryptocurrencies including ERC-20 based token
  • Securities based on blockchain technology
  • eCommerce payment services
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Instant Asset Exchange

XCARD side-chain functionality allows for all transactions to be most efficient & in the real time.

Our lending system enables money exchange without waiting for network consensus & without any interest rate

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Best Execution Engine

XCARD aggregates data and liquidity from different sources (exchanges, brokers and own pools). Built-in internalizer - an arbitrage engine - provides users the best exchange rates available on the market.

XCARD enables trading with over 200 cryptos (incl. alts), FIAT to crypto & crypto to FIAT conversion directly and instantly.

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Top features

Easy to use icon easy to use

Perfect place to make your first step towards cryptocurrencies.

Exchange rate icon always the best exchange rate

Combines all crypto & FIAT exchanges into one virtual orderbook.

Security first icon security first

Decentralized & trustless storage of customers’ data.

Payment card icon any payment card

XCARD Wallet supports any debit & credit card. Sign up to XCARD Wallet with your existing payment card & start buying cryptocurrenices

Buy now icon buy now, pay later

We enable you to spend money no matter if you have funds or not with our first on the market biometric crypto credit card

Full KYC icon full kyc compliance

XCARD Wallet is fully KYC compliance. Our onboarding process is easier then opening a bank account.

Instant Settlement icon instant settlement

XCARD side-chain functionality allows for all transactions to be most efficient & in the real time.

Xcard Wallet Image



XCARD is the most secure crypto & FIAT Wallet & biometric crypto credit card with access to exchanges all over the world, for more than 50 mln users. XCARD makes your journey with crypto as easy as with FIAT money no matter if it’s your first time or you are an advanced user.

XCard App screen
XCard App screen
XCard App screen



Q3 2019

MVP of XCARD Wallet (Android & iOS) available for the first 5K users.


Q4 2019

Series B: Private funding, expected goal $29 mln.

NOV.2019 - FEB.2020

Q1 2020

Integration with selected partners: VISA, Santander Bank, GateLab, Exchanges, PSP.


Q1 2020

Beta version of XCARD Wallet.


Q1 2020

Internalizer set up - the cutting-edge stock exchange solution - matching engine for instant finance operation.


Q3 2020

XCARD Wallet goes live & is available on App Store & Play Store.

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